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Geo-Tagging Camera Trap Images for Chimpanzee Conservation Using Survey 123 with Decision-Makers Sign-off



DocuSign is teaming up with the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) and challenging you to help solve a unique problem. In order to continue their important work to protect chimpanzees, forests, and create a better world for people, animals, and our shared environment, JGI needs help to integrate their field data collection and camera trap survey workflows to support better management and faster analysis of wildlife images to inform conservation decisions. 


JGI monitors chimpanzee populations, habitats and threats using a combination of field surveys, citizen science, species modeling and a variety of remote sensors from satellite images to camera traps. JGI researchers, local communities and other partners use smartphones and Esri’s ArcGIS Survey123 mobile app to collect and upload their field observations to JGI’s account on ArcGIS Online. In parallel, images from camera traps are uploaded to JGI’s account in Microsoft Azure using MediaValet digital asset management system. Researchers use MediaValet to extract data and metadata directly from images and videos, along with face recognition AI technologies in Azure to automatically identify individual chimpanzees and other animals, reducing the time spent on labor-intensive data entry. When georeferenced with data from Survey123, images and videos from camera traps provide an unprecedented level of information about chimpanzees and other wildlife and threats that help JGI staff, protected area managers and local government officials make better informed and more effective conservation decisions. 


Your Challenge

Integrate geospatial field data collection using Survey123 and camera trap workflows in Esri cloud for conserving chimpanzees and their habitats for the Jane Goodall Institute.



  • This app should use dynamic web-maps and other mapping formats and products in Esri ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Pro

  • Go to Esri to set up your development account and start mapping

  • Go to MediaValet developer portal to set up an account (Hackathon admins will approve your use and provide Adminstration rights.)

  • Develop a Camera Trap Form using Survey 123 with the following attributes 

  • Go here to download an example of camera trap images from two camera trap deployments. Note that the folder names unique ID is composed of the camera trap name and the date of the 1st image acquired, both visible on the camera trap 1st image (CAMERANAME_DAY_MONTH_YEAR)

  • Current workflow uses CAMERANAME_DAY_MONTH_YEAR to assign GPS coordinates from Survey 123 and other attributes collected on smartphones to the camera trap images in MediaValet folders. However, we are open to other suggestions on how to do it more effectively. 

  • You can use DocuSign powerforms to mapping of data from Survey 123 and Camera trap data

  • You can use DocuSign to seek any approvals and also have conditional approvals based on the data that is being reviewed

  • You can use DocuSign Connect or EventNotifications to update and 3rd party system after a necessary approvals have been obtained

  • A user should be able to automatically integrate the GPS coordinates and other attributes collected with smartphones and JGI CAMERA TRAP FORM - DocuSign using Survey 123 mobile app with the camera trap images uploaded to MediaValet

  • A user should be able to see coordinates and attributes describing the location, time and other attributes associated with each camera trap deployment and associated camera trap images from that deployment  

  • A user should be able to use those coordinates to map location of camera traps deployments and camera trap images from those deployments on a map developed with ArcGIS Pro or on ArcGIS Online

  • A user should be able to share this ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Pro map showing the location of images from camera traps embedded in the DocuSign envelope document with managers

  • Managers should be able to see and review the map and images from camera traps to provide their signature if they approve the map or camera trap images sharing and distribution 

  • This app should accommodate multiple review cycles as needed to reach an agreement and validate the final map and selection of camera trap images. 

  • All the feedback, drawings and notes should be documented and traced along with different versions of the maps through the DocuSign envelope.

  • When the agreement is reached, managers should be able to sign and approve the final map and camera trap images for sharing and distribution.

  • Their signatures along with inputs and versions of the maps should be linked to the final map and stored as part of the larger metadata.