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The Problem (PROBLEM 1)
Take a hackathon problem and make it more understandable for coders to get close to a solution the judges will like.

Docusign along with the Jane Goodall institute created a hackathon on devpost.com in order to invite developers to create a solution to Jane Goodall Institute Database seperation of information involving their camera trap system and somehow incorporate signed documents into the workflow of combining databases.

the Soluton

Database 1 contains a table called Photos that is full of JPEG images that are captured by the camera traps. Each object or schema has 3 parts. the jpeg image, the date of the photo, the camera model of the photo(this is a guess as JGI didnt make this information easily available)

Before these photos can be looked at however they must first be approved by a City Manager or Jane Goodall Approved Head honcho as they might contain sensitive information.


Create an approval process for uploaded photos to the database.


Create a password protected private CRUD frontend that allows the user to "approve" or "not approve" photos in the database. Photos that are "approved" will be given another Key of "approved" in the database.

Return to original PROBLEM 1

the second database has Geo location information about each camera that took the photos, information with the following schema: Camera model, Lat/long coordinates, date.


Create a front end that users can search by date, the locations of the various cameras. Click on each camera location and the viewer can then view "approved" photos

Problem 3, somehow add Document signing along the way for an extra level of unnecessary Bureaucracy...

Problem 4. Somehow convince the Docusign Corporation to get rid of their PDF situation and just create a platform for easily executable smart contracts....(if two parties approve then code is executed)


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