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What the @#$%?

this is a campaign by docusign to integrate signatures/approvals into a workflow. Getting developers to build platforms that require signatures? and a signature means the code can execute? first signature is to approve the photos...then execute =>combine the photo data with the camera location data.. then another signature is required? that does what? I'm unclear on what I'm building and why? if the signature is not approved what happens to the data/photos. ? is it deleted? what happens to the data that is approved? is it made available for public view? what are the actual Documents they are signing? whoever administers the app will have to approve who has authority to even sign the document? Can anyone login? What is this? you are making my nose bleed. LOL
Also whoever is running this could make it more user friendly. provide the api endpoint links to the data. create its own landing page for the project, not a million different (youtube, slack, etc) it takes two seconds to make a webpage.
I'm doing way to much digging just to get to the info... Why don't you make an API that developers can create apps with the images, and see where that gets you.... then build on it next year...I don't know. I'm curious to see what people make but it wont make sense unless you explain the project more clearly...

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    OMG Nathan, that nose bleed. If this is an emergency, please hang up and dial 911. We don't want you to bleed out. LOL! You're asking some good questions and several are answered in our kick-off, which you can watch on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXpRTgmbu4opqIeg7CgS2Ik-WhWADm4L4). A big point of challenges like this is to get our participants thinking through solutions on their own, outside of our organizations, to come up with new and innovative solutions that we may not have thought of because we're too close. Also, if we served up all that delicious info on a silver-platter - what's the challenge in that? I appreciate you digging into the challenge as much as you have and I too am looking forward to seeing our winning projects. Have a great weekend!

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