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over 1 year ago

Good Code Hackathon STARTS NOW: Pro Tips, Resources + Live Deep Dive Today at 9AM PDT

Hello Hackers!

The Good Code Hackathon officially starts now! Check out our pro tips below so you can start building an app that will win you a share of $50k. 

Do Not Pass Go

The first thing you’ll need is a free DocuSign developer account to get you started with DocuSign APIs. Next, take a look around the DocuSign Developer Center. Here, you’ll find tutorials, livestream schedules, and more! 

Get Twitchy with Us!

Join us on Twitch where we’ll be hosting several livestreams throughout the hackathon to help you master DocuSign APIs, learn about Esri and Survey123, plus general help sessions where you can get one to one help on your project, so don’t forget to follow us on Twitch and turn on notifications.

Check out our calendar of upcoming livestreams, including our kickoff that begins at 9AM PDT today.


Time (PDT)

Topic & Description

TODAY, Wed July 13

9:00 AM

Good Code Hackathon Kick-off

Join Lilian Pintea, Vice President of Conservation Science at Jane Goodall Institute, and Naveen Gopala, Director of Engineering at DocuSign, for a deep dive into this year's challenges and offer insight on how to build the best app for JGI or the Greater Good challenge. We will also provide an opportunity to ask your questions live. 

Thurs, July 14

9:00 AM

Good Code Hackathon Winners Pro-Tips

The winners of our 2021 Good Code Hackathon - Jane Goodall Institute challenge, Tanvir and Mehedi, will be joining us live to chat about their winning app. They will discuss learning throughout their build and offer pro-tips for Good Code and hackathons in general, plus an opportunity to ask your questions live. 

Tues, July 19

9:00 AM

Esri Overview

Learn all about Esri APIs from the experts and ask your questions live. 

Wed, July 20

10:30 AM

eSign 101

An interactive introduction and deeper dive into the DocuSign eSignature REST API.

Thurs, July 21

9:00 AM

ArcGIS Survey123

The experts from Esri will be back to walk you through everything you need to know about ArcGIS Survey123 and offer you live support.

Additional livestreams to be announced, including open help sessions on Tuesday's at 9:00am PT.

Be a Slack(er)

Join the Good Code Hackathon Slack community to reach DocuSign Developer, Jane Goodall Institute and Esri reps who can answer your questions, plus stay up to date with Good Code Hackathon announcements, and meet your fellow hackers.

Still have questions? Join the Good Code Hackathon Slack community or use the Devpost discussion forum to connect with us.

Whew, that was a lot but now you’re ready! Good luck, happy hacking and we’ll see you over on Twitch and Slack!